Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals (Drilling Mud Pits, Oil Tank Foundation Isolation, Firefighting Ponds, Evaporation Ponds, Fuel Transfer Path Isolation)

Mining (Tailings Dams, Heap Leach Pads, Wash and Water Storage Ponds)

Water and Wastewater Industry (Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Ponds)

Agriculture (Agricultural Water Reservoirs, Water Transfer Canals, Fish Farming Ponds, Irrigation Dams)

Civil Engineering (Foundation Isolation and Drainage, Green Roofs, Artificial Lakes, Dams, Tunnel Isolation)

Conversion Industries (Water Storage Ponds and Wastewater Ponds)


Arian Khak Iranian Engineering Company, with a decade of experience and implementation of over one million square meters of geosynthetic products (Geomembrane, Geotextile, Geocell, Geodrain, Geomat, Geobag, Dimple Sheet, Geomesh, Geonet) in Iran and the Middle East, is now ready to provide services in the following sectors using geosynthetic products:


مشتری های راضی


تجارب سالها


تخصص حرفه ای


پروژه های تکمیلی

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